HUNTERTOWN — Having been a Huntertown favorite for nearly a decade, Pam Leonard has mixed feelings about Estate of Mind closing up shop. Leonard announced her retirement last month, and officially closed the antiques and collectibles shop Nov. 27.

“I’m very excited, but it’s kind of bittersweet,” Leonard said. “We have been a fixture in Huntertown all this time, we know a lot of residents here and we have 5,000 people that follow us on Facebook, so we know a lot of people. I’m going to miss that.”

Estate of Mind, which specializes in furniture and home décor, has had a storefront and warehouse in Huntertown’s Lima-Plank Mercantile for the past eight and a half years, first opening in 2011. Leonard has owned the business for nine years.

Leonard’s husband retired last year, and she felt it was the right time to follow suit.

“We just wanted to do some fun stuff — travel and see our families,” she said.

Leonard and her husband had five employees. They had no plans to sell the business, which also oversees estate sales throughout northeast Indiana. Leonard said the business had a couple competitors who will absorb her business’s share of estate sales throughout the year.

Last week, everything was on sale for 60% off at Estate of Mind in an effort to sell off any remaining furniture, antiques and home décor.

“We’re going to take our name with us in case we want to do something down the road, so there will not be another Estate of Mind unless we do something else,” Leonard said.

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