The town of Huntertown revealed the design for new signs it plans to place at the town’s major entrances Saturday. Bailey Lothamer, an eighth-grader at Carroll Middle School, helped with the design.

HUNTERTOWN — In celebration of Huntertown’s 150th anniversary, the Town Council initiated a plan to design and place new welcome signs at the community’s entrances. Following the Carroll High School marching band’s performance during Saturday’s Huntertown Heritage Days Festival, the town revealed a design for the new signs, which will greet visitors with the town’s motto, “A great place to call home.”

In addition to Huntertown’s utility office, local resident Bailey Lothamer, an eighth-grader at Carroll Middle School, assisted with the design. Lothamer worked with Indiana Sign Works on the project.

“I wanted to have signs that really represented Huntertown and made people proud to live here,” Lothamer said. “We’ve been working on it for a long time and I’m really excited to see the outcome.”

Lothamer was also instrumental in designing a new smaller sign that will be placed by the Lima Plank businesses on the south side of town. That sign will welcome people to the community and include a message to support local businesses.

Town Manager Beth Shellman, Clerk-Treasurer Ryan Schwab and council members Brandon Seifert, Mike Aker and Gary Grant joined Lothamer in revealing a prototype of the new signs Saturday.

The first sign will be placed near the Walgreens north of Carroll Road off S.R. 3. The plan is to place signs at all of the town’s major entrances.

During Saturday’s announcement, representatives from the town also thanked Indiana Sign Works’ Mike Dawn for his efforts on the project.

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