NACS’ new elementary school has officially been named Aspen Meadow. The building is expected to open in August 2020.

HUNTERTOWN — Northwest Allen County Schools’ newest elementary school seems “a little bit more real” to its future principal, Kim Lochmueller, now that it finally has a name. The district revealed Aspen Meadow Elementary School as the building’s official name Aug. 26.

The name follows the same naming convention as other NACS buildings that combine a tree name and a nonspecific location, such as Hickory Center, Oak View and Maple Creek.

The district came up with about 20 possible names for the new building, after Luchmueller heard hundreds of suggestions. Those were eventually narrowed down to four. Staff were invited to participate in a poll the week before school started in order to determine the winning name. Lochmueller said the poll was released about six days before school started, and the district received about 496 responses.

Aspen Meadow beat the second most popular entry — Sycamore Grove — by just 17 votes. The other names included in the poll were Poplar Grove and Poplar Meadows.

The school’s colors will be Carolina blue, gray and white. Students attending Aspen Meadows when it opens in fall 2020 will be known as Bulldogs. Lochmueller, who was tasked with choosing the school’s mascot, hopes it will be a reflection of her students.

“I wanted something sweet and soft but also strong and confident because I want students who are both of those things,” Lochmueller said. “You don’t have to be one or the other.”

Fort Wayne creative agency One Lucky Guitar is currently designing the school’s logo.

Lochmueller, who previously served as the principal of Cedar Canyon Elementary School, expressed excitement over the construction progress at the new school, which is on the north side of Hathaway Road between Bethel Road and S.R. 3 in Huntertown. The building was modeled after Cedar Canyon and Eel River elementary schools with some updates, such as repurposing space that was previously used as computer labs at Eel River and Cedar Canyon.

The school is being funded by a $33.98 million referendum passed by voters in May 2018.

Also during the school board’s Aug. 26 meeting, members approved advertisement of an $81.4 million 2020 budget with a $25.9 million tax levy.

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