Last week the Trump Administration announced the suspension of visas for seven different categories of specialized workers and their family members. Many might be tempted to shrug this off, thinking that such a restriction will help American workers find better jobs. That conclusion is mistaken.

KENDALLVILLE — A story about police officers rescuing two toddlers locked in a sweltering van went wildly viral this past week, racking up the most pageviews ever for a story on

I have spent the past 39 years working in the field of surgery. For a significant part of that time, I have worn a mask. I have worked with hundreds (probably thousands) of colleagues during those years, who have also worn masks. Not a single one us of became ill, passed out or died from lac…

Africa’s Masai warriors greet each other with the phrase “Kasserian Ingera,” which translates to “And how are the children?” This greeting underscores the importance of children’s well-being as a marker of success in their community. Translated, the traditional response is “All the children …

To the editor:

I can’t help but notice that in the past week, most group photos displayed in the newspaper show individuals in close proximity yet not wearing masks.

On Friday’s front page was a piece with the subheading “Governor, state health commissioner encourage mask use as virus continues.” The article tells us of a local poll of adults who were asked if they wear a mask in public and the majority replied they did not; many of your news photos confirm that. Anyone sitting in a parking lot could confirm that.

People in this area seem to believe COVID-19 is over. Publishing photos that make it appear as though it is over only perpetuates irresponsible behavior — and confuses small children. I understand some photos were taken pre-virus (they should be labeled as such) and many are of a single person (i.e. athletes) but I would hope that leaders — whether in government, business or our non-profit communities — would set a good example.

The one photo in Friday’s paper with people wearing masks was from a DACA celebration in D.C.; these young students are not only deserving of legal protection but are intelligent and considerate of each other.

That consideration, wearing a mask when in a public area with close proximity to others, is easy to do and benefits all of us. Read the articles. Wearing masks is a proven deterrent to spreading illness but it is most effective when the majority are doing so.

Hope Wilson


We have been shown time and time again that what is truly great about Indiana, are her people. Across all 92 counties, Hoosier men and women know that in challenging times, words like community and phrases like IN This Together take on a deeper meaning. Not only do we work together to save l…

No doubt about it: Someone will have to negotiate a ceasefire someday between the Sexual Revolution and traditional religious believers, said Justice Anthony Kennedy, just before he left the U.S. Supreme Court.

Indiana could be doing better economically, according to a new report by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

Sampling was done on four Steuben County lakes to try to detect the presence of the highly invasive zebra mussel, which so far have not been found in any local lakes. Lars Johnson of Laval University, Quebec City, Canada, a pioneer in zebra mussels, did the sampling on Snow Lake and Lake Jam…