Serena Hammond

Serena Hammond is lifted by her mother.

I’m thinking. A lot. About how truth can sometimes be so obvious that it takes much effort and many, many words to attempt to send it into obscurity. It requires hands held over the ears and yelling one’s own opinion to not hear its still small, victorious voice.

I’m thinking about current issues that absorb so much of society’s time. Valuable time. Limited time. Time that is part of the life people are living. Life that someone chose for them. God-given time. Time in which to make choices. Choices that have eternal consequence. Not only for the chooser. But for others. Who are. And who were. The ripple effect really is real.

There’s that scripture about choosing today, choosing life or death. I know its Old Testament. So is our beginning. So is God’s plan for us. Including the foundation of the plan for salvation from wrong choice. The Old Testament God loved us that much.

And he never changes. Not really. He’s always wanted us to choose what is best. And he’s always been willing to accept a sorry soul who turns back to him. Always. Restoration. Redemption. That’s so much a part of him that he named his only begotten son Jesus (God is Salvation).

Yep, I’m thinking. A lot. I shake my head a bit in sorrowful wonder that the point is often missed. The whole point of life. God, after all, is so big on life that Jesus died so we can have it for an eternity. Imagine that!

My own mom was big on my life. She had five children before me. But just one girl. Though she was indeed a treasure, Mom wanted another one. She told me the story often. The story of my beginnings. I was a wish, a dream, before I arrived. Maybe, just maybe, this one would be another girl. For sure I would be somebody in the Hammond family. And each someone was loved. Was a wish. Was a dream. And had his or her beginnings inside her body.

Then, later, she had cancer and I moved back home to be by her side. Through all of life, we lived. During that time, her often-voiced request was for me not to die before she did. There were times during care-giving, by the way, when I felt so rough I actually thought this was a valid concern. But I did live. And, I cherish the chosen life that has been showered on this grown-up child-self. Mom chose the very thought of me. So did my dad. And so did my creator. I was granted the privilege to experience life. I live with it coursing through me.

When it comes to choice, choose life. Yes to life. Every time. It’s so much better than the alternative.

And in Christ, it has an absolutely beautiful, eternal quality. It survives. It thrives. Choose the saving grace he birthed for us.

Birth is so crucial that we are even given the advice by Jesus himself to be born again. Ah, life. What an amazing choice.

So much better than the alternative.

Serena Hoffman lives in Fremont, beside the Olde York Church, where her husband, Pastor Sam Hoffman, is pastor. Contact her at

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