To the editor:

The Democratic Socialist presidential candidates are proposing new policies for free college education and student loan forgiveness — a one trillion-dollar debt to be paid for by you — the U.S. taxpayers.

Directly speaking, the student/graduate should pay for their own investment in a college education and future earnings potential. What better learning experience than to evaluate the cost of a post-high-school education, affordable colleges, and the earnings potential for your chosen field of education and future career. Students have many avenues to pay for their own education (work/study, military service benefits, employer education programs, and others) if they want it bad enough. They should take control of their life’s decisions and shouldn’t rely on the taxpayers to pay for their decisions (good and bad), future income earnings and career opportunities.

When I attended college, my wife and I both worked full-time while I attended college. We sacrificed many wants while I completed my degree in five years and then paid off the bank loans (not government loans) seven years after graduation. We were taught that it was our responsibility to make and pay for our decisions!

A college education is not/nor should be a right! A college education is an investment in one’s future and should be the responsibility of the individual, not the government nor the taxpayer.

The Democratic Socialist policies are designed to gain power for themselves and more government control of people’s lives and decisions. They want to persuade voters to vote for them with all these free goodies that will destroy our country’s values. These policies are diametrically opposed to America’s founding principles of individual freedom and individual responsibility. Vote no for the Democrats and Democratic Socialists.

Rick Baker


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