To the editor:

I have a great story about one of your Trine coaches and his team to share.

 Last week, our activities director at the Steuben County Council on Aging, Wendy Kellett, received a call from an 84-year-old lady who was moving here from another state. Apparently, the folks who were to assist her with her move were unable to follow through with their commitment and she needed help. Her things would be arriving on Sunday afternoon to her new residence on John Street.

Wendy remembered a conversation she had last fall with Track and Field Coach Josh Fletcher when he told her if we ever needed any help with our seniors to let him know.

She contacted the coach and shared the dilemma she had with him. Without hesitation, Coach Josh said, “We’ll be glad to help. When do you need us?”

Wendy put the lady and the coach together via phone. The coach, along with three male and three female students, showed up on Sunday afternoon and assisted with the move. The new resident shared with Wendy that they were very careful with her things.

She was in tears on the phone. She told Wendy that she gives Trine University and the team 500 stars. She is going to need further assistance in a couple of weeks and has already lined up the coach and his team to assist her again.

We want to thank Coach Josh and his team for being there for our seniors in their time of need.

God bless,

Karen Shelton

President of the board

Steuben County Council on Aging

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