To the editor:

As a life-long voting Republican, it troubles me to be critical of a member of what is up to now my Republication Party. However, the opinion of state Sen. Dennis Kruse regarding COVID-19 vaccinations leaves me with no choice other than to do so.

While there may be remote legitimacy to Kruse's argument of "freedom of choice," how is he able to say that his choice to not get the vaccination was a good one in view of his contracting the virus and all of its life-threatening affects! Fortunately, he survived after receiving special care from his physician. But what example has he set for others who may not be so fortunate? He should man-up and admit that his "choice" not to be vaccinated was the wrong choice.

Our leaders must make intelligent decisions. Senator Kruse, despite his generally fine record of service, this time has shown his inability to do so. Fortunately, he is retiring.

Bert Schulz


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