To the editor:

I was born and have lived in this country all of my life. In my 77 years, I do not remember the government behaving so disgraceful.

When Nixon shows his true character, he was impeached. I believe it is past time to do the same to our present president.

How can our government turn their backs on the first responders of 9-11? Dear God, those true Americans put their lives on the line for us. Now the government wants to stop caring for them and their families. I guess it is OK to cut taxes for the wealthy. Where is the heart and soul in this action?

I would like to have Trump forced into a month of living as most of we people. Since he has a bone spur, doubt he could manage for one month.

I have no pride, no respect for the government of the United States of America!

Malinda K. Burns


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In the interest of accuracy, Richard Nixon was never impeached. He resigned before that could occur. However Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to Congress. He refused to resign and the Senate did not have the 2/3 majority of support to have him removed from office.

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