To the editor:

It won’t happen to me. That seems to be the thought process of many Americans during this pandemic. Unfortunately, babies and children are unable to protect themselves and are in the group also being affected.

While most people try to protect themselves by the mask and 6-foot social distancing, their rights are infringed upon by the group who seems to think it won’t happen to them … Please think more of yourselves and family.

It is disturbing to see places using the shields thinking that is all that is needed, when in fact there are openings in the shields.

We need to be more active in our taking care of not just ourselves, but others.

I so much appreciate the businesses which are enforcing the protection of themselves and others. Even those not stricken by the virus can be carriers.

A special shout out to DART transportation, which is very active in protection of the drivers and passengers and are open through this “new” way of life.

Donna Mettert


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