To the editor:

I was recently on a visit home to Auburn and leaving a grocery store with my husband. I was sharing with him how shocked I was at the number of people choosing to not wear masks during the current pandemic. After hearing me out he simply said, “Well, maybe the Auburn you lived in isn’t the same Auburn anymore.” The reason he said that was because he is so used to me telling him stories of the amazing Auburn community. A community that rallies around a Baron basketball game and a community member battling cancer. A community that shows out in hundreds for a classic car parade and brings more meals than you can freeze to a family when someone passes away. A community that rallies around a local library and the best coney dogs you can imagine.

A week later, and I am still sitting on his words. However, I came to the very simple conclusion that he is flat out wrong (sorry, Andrew). Auburn isn’t the same, it is better! All you have to do is look at the town square to realize that. There are more local shops, restaurants and parks than ever, and that is due to the Auburn community rallying and supporting its own as it always has.

There is a reason I still call Auburn home and still drive the two and a half hours to go to the dentist: the people. Auburn is a community of people who care deeply, and the Auburn community needs you to care right now by wearing a mask. Wearing a mask is by and large one of the biggest ways you can care for your community during COVID-19.

I can’t imagine another scenario where politics or a little personal discomfort would stop Auburn from caring for its community members. I ask you to remember that and to consider that even though it may not feel like it is helping, this thoughtful gesture could be the difference in making sure our Auburn dinner tables aren’t missing any of our loved one this coming holiday season. We have another opportunity to step up for our community and keep it safe. Mask up, Auburn.

Katie Reynolds


Proud DeKalb High School Grad of 2011

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