To the editor:

To the voters of the DeKalb County Central United School District, I am truly grateful and humbled by your support and I appreciate the magnitude of your trust in me to continue to serve you as a school board member. My appreciation goes out to all who supported my campaign, including those who wrote letters of support, displayed signs, contributed financially, shared social media posts and overall just spread the word and shared your reasons for supporting my re-election. I am especially appreciative of my family and my husband, Cole. Without his constant love, support and encouragement none of this would be possible.

This was a hard-fought campaign, and I would be remiss to not recognize my opponent, Mr. John Davis. It takes a lot of courage to be willing to put yourself out there and run for public office and I commend him for stepping up and taking on the challenge. I had the opportunity on Election Day to spend about two hours with John while we both campaigned at one of our polling centers, and he was the first to call me when the results came in to offer his congratulations. John is an energetic, passionate individual who wants to see growth and positive momentum in our community and schools. I have been fortunate to begin to get to know him throughout this process and I am confident that he has a bright future ahead of him.

Hard-fought campaigns do not come without their share of turmoil. When Kathryn Bassett of The Star asked me on election night what I learned in this election and what I wanted to see for the coming years, I couldn’t help but to address the divisiveness that exists between factions of our community and our schools. When I look at our community, I see people with much, much more in common than what divides us. We all want to see our students, our schools, and our community to grow and be successful. We may have some differences of opinion in how to accomplish this, but I have confidence that by working together, we can come to the table and find a shared path forward for the benefit of all.

Our school district is facing many issues that will continue to challenge us in the coming years. We continue to navigate the current health crisis and are constantly making adjustments in an effort to keep our students, staff and families safe while still maintaining an effective learning environment, all while keeping in mind the potential burden that these adjustments place on our families. We continue to explore additional vocational/career and technical educational opportunities and community partnerships while also being mindful of state standards and graduation requirements. We are aware of trends in declining enrollment and continue to explore ways to turn this trend and make DeKalb Central the preferred school district of choice for our community. We also recognize the importance of well-maintained facilities that appropriately support current and future curricular, extra- and co-curricular programs. The tasks before us are large, but they are achievable if we work with the support of our community.

As we move beyond this election, this is what I seek to do as a board member as well as what I ask from you — reach out, get involved, join the conversation and be willing to listen to and consider other points of view. Together we can accomplish amazing things and continue to make DeKalb Central Schools and DeKalb County an amazing place to learn, grow, work, play and most importantly, to call home!


Heather Krebs, DCCUSD school board member and president


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