To the editor:

First, I will apologize if this sounds like a rant. I fear it is because there's no answer to my question. You decide.

I just read "Kendallville ready for the Census," which related that "... all census information is kept confidential, with only total number of citizens sent to Washington."

Apparently, the term "citizen" is being used to mean the total number of persons reported — not that each person is a citizen — because a court order (misguided, in my opinion) ruled that could not be a question on the census. The reasoning was that it could cause people in our country illegally to be afraid to participate in the count.

As noted also in the newspaper article, "Those numbers are used to determine the amount of federal funding communities receive. The census also determines the amount of congressional seats the states receive." You can see why a large "sanctuary" state (California) originated that lawsuit.

The number of congressmen in the House of Representatives is limited. If some states show enough population increase, other states will lose seats to those larger states. Is Indiana at risk of losing another, as it did following the 2010 census?

I object to non-citizens being counted for representation in our government. We are supposed to be a nation of laws. That is one of the reasons that people from all over the world migrate here. And we welcome those who want to join us and become part of our American family — legally. It's actually very important. But we have to protect our rights as citizens. And there should be no shame in doing so.

So, tell me now: How is the census going to be able to report the number of citizens when citizenship is not a question on the census?

Linda Wingfield


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