To the editor:

Our county commissioners have been asked to establish Noble County as a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.”

Guns and ammo are making their way just fine these days without a sanctuary, thank you.

So far, the only impediment to more mass shootings, a peculiarly American problem, have been legislators’ earnest “thoughts and prayers,” and countless bills sent to die in committee.

This is no more than a political banner, and therefore suspect, especially in these times. If passed, most Americans will rightly marvel at this "Second Amendment Sanctuary" as a dark, wacky abandonment of common sense. Read between the lines ... this measure isn’t about keeping your hunting rifle or pistol. Rather, it’s a declaration that every sort of lethal weapon has a home here. Legally, it means nothing.

Most of us will be embarrassed to admit we live here. Who will flock to Noble County as the place to raise a child or start a new business?

“Sanctuary” is a word derived from the Latin word “sanctum,” meaning holy, and Noble County has dozens of sanctuaries already — in our many churches.

If that’s not enough, couldn't our county commissioners sanctify something more worthy in God’s creation here? Why not, instead, a Woodlots Sanctuary, a Pollinators Sanctuary, an Endangered Wildlife Sanctuary, a Clean Water Sanctuary, a Freshwater Fishing Sanctuary, a Native Grasses Sanctuary, a Pure Soil Sanctuary, even a Sanctuary for Endangered People. And then take positive measures to protect them all.

I urge citizens to call their Noble County commissioners to reject this so-called “Second Amendment Sanctuary.”

Jim Nixon


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(2) comments


Thank you, Mr. Nixon. Noble County doesn't need to advertise how gun friendly we really are already!


I think Mr. Nixon misunderstands the reasoning behind such a declaration. A similar declaration could be applied to any Constitutional right that is under attack by government agencies who think that their powers exceed the limits placed on them by the Constitution.

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