To the editor:

On July 15 my daughter and I arrived in Kendallville, from Massachusetts, to visit my dad who resides at a local nursing home. When we booked our trip, vaccination rates were increasing and COVID cases were declining. Since we both were fully vaccinated, it seemed safe enough to travel. We were all so excited to be able to see each other in person and finally share hugs again.

However, had our trip been even a few days later, this eagerly anticipated visit would not have been possible because some selfish, unvaccinated person started a COVID outbreak at his nursing home. One case quickly turned into several cases in his wing of the building. Now, instead of my dad and his hall mates enjoying visits with friends, family, and each other they are confined in quarantine. This remains a very dangerous situation for the residents and the staff.

This outbreak was unnecessary and could have completely been avoided if people had just gotten vaccinated like responsible adults. The nursing home is doing its best under the circumstances and current Indiana law, and is certainly not to blame. Conversely, the unvaccinated people who had contact with the nursing home in some way are directly to blame.

Your local doctors have been pleading with the people of Noble county to get vaccinated. Trust your doctors and scientists and do your Christian and patriotic duty. Get vaccinated.

Tamara Scott Stephens

Williamstown, Massachusetts

Formerly of Kendallville

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Robert Sparkman

Has the outbreak been traced to an unvaccinated person?

Those who have been vaccinated are capable of contracting Covid and spreading it.

So, vaccination is not foulproof. It seems like every resident would be vaccinated, but maybe that isn't being done.

It's a very difficult situation. The public can't expect everyone to wear masks perpetually, and to live in fear of the virus. I wonder if the ones who got Covid were vaccinated.

Personally I was vaccinated. I am not planning on wearing masks anymore, though. Others have had Covid, so I don't blame them for not getting vaccinated. I don't expect factory workers to work in a hot environment AND wear a mask that affects their breathing.

Maybe people visiting the elderly should be required to wear a mask, though, and every resident should be required to get vaccinated.

It would be interesting to know if the person suspected of spreading the virus was a resident or not...or even if this is known.

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