To the editor:

This is written to the taxpayers and the residents of Noble County. If you own property in Noble County and think you have the freedom to use it the way you want, think again.

Noble County does not allow property owners to cover up an existing sign with another sign, even though the existing sign has been in place for 25-plus years. Noble County does not allow property owners to keep goats, even if the goats have been on the property for nearly a decade and no complaints have been filed and no one frankly cares that they are there. Noble County does not allow the addition of outdoor security lights even if the lights are the same as what has been in place for 12 years, and the power company installed the lights, and the same lights are installed all over Indiana.

Current county officials violate the county's own document, the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) which is a 300-page document at a cost of $467 per page of taxpayers' money. Instead they refer to a dictionary. It would seem a wise use of taxpayers' dollars to buy a dictionary instead. At that cost one page of the UDO would buy a nice dictionary.

Having brought all of this to the attention of county officials all that is said is, “We would like to help, but that is not our job.” No one cares nor are any efforts made to resolve anything. In reality, Noble County officials do not have to do their jobs. Taxpayers assume they are, but in reality, no one is being held accountable.

All the boards, committees and commissions overlap, needing a recommendation to do anything. How about this recommendation? Try doing your job without violating due process, state laws, county ordinances, free speech, infringement of property rights and violating constitutional amendments.

Remember these same officials just tried to pass an animal welfare act that would have limited the length of the leash on a dog, and would have fined pet owners with outside animals for damp bedding in under 50 degree weather. Evidently we have more confidence in the residents of Noble County than the elected officials do. Residents have enough intelligence to know how long a dog leash should be, and how to properly take care of outside animals.

All this sounds like something that would be done by a tree hugging liberal from California, sounds like socialism doesn't it? Yet, this is done under the current political party in power which advocates for less government, individual rights, small business and free enterprise.

With the current assault on individual property owners' rights in Noble County (currently rewriting the UDO) we encourage more residents to become involved and vote. To coin a popular phrase, “Maybe the swamp in Noble County should be drained first.”

Marvin and Renee Rodenbeck


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