To the editor:

After reading the article about Cindy Frick visiting all 50 states, I recalled that I also had that distinction. Also, I have worked in eight different states: Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Indiana and California.

I was born on a small farm in Iowa and attended a one-room schoolhouse where one teacher taught all eight grades. And we walked a half mile to school every day through the fields (no school bus).

After four years of Catholic high school, it was off to the Army. And that was my first time out of the state of Iowa. After basic training in Arkansas, I was sent to Puerto Rico for the rest of my duty. Got my discharge in 1956 and started at Iowa State that fall.

After a couple of jobs, I started with Kraft in 1963. With Kraft, I have worked in eight different states: Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois and California. After many positions, I ended up as head of production for Kraft International.

I have gone to the following countries: Canada, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Belgium, France, Germany, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Africa.

Also, I have vacationed in Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, Australia, Puerto Rico, Germany, Mexico, Bermuda, Jamaica, Canada and Ireland.

All of this after growing up in Iowa on a small farm and not being out of the state in my first 18 years. I joined the Army to see the world. I think I accomplished my goal!

Tom Burke


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