To the Editor:

There is something very frustrating that I see regarding the gas line issue of Fremont and the surrounding areas, which was mentioned in Oksana Kotkina's article on Monday ("NIPSCO, Fremont Eye Gas Solution"); it was the fact that if the community wants to see increased capacity, Fremont board member Steve Brown said that NIPSCO is "not going to pay".

NIPSCO is a public entity and should be serving the public in northern Indiana. It's literally in their name: Northern Indiana Public Service Company. I don't see how this is much of an example of public service.

Couldn't the State of Indiana use some of the funds from the lease of the Indiana Toll Road to aid in covering the cost of the pipeline upgrades? Our state has billions of dollars from this lease and billions more from budget surpluses that the GOP-led General Assembly sits on year after year. It's time that they open up the pocketbooks and loosen the purse strings with “our” money and give some back to the areas that have been affected most from the toll road lease, including Fremont.

I believe that it is the responsibility of Rep. Denny Zent and Sen. Sue Glick to be much more hands on and involved with serving their constituents on this issue.

They need to strongly prompt NIPSCO to act. In addition, U.S. Rep. Jim Banks ought to be out banging the drum for NIPSCO to act as well.

I'm proud that the Fremont Town Council is standing up to NIPSCO and working toward a solution. I would think that NIPSCO would be acting much more proactively to find a solution as well and it's disappointing that they don't seem more motivated to give as much effort to that end.

Drew Kuespert


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