To the editor:

Auburn is my hometown and my family and I are proud to call our community home. We choose Auburn, despite the two-hour total commute my husband makes each day for work. We have discussed moving over the years to be closer to his workplace and each time we have talked about family, schools and most of all our community. In years past, if we wanted to go to dinner or shopping, we always went to Fort Wayne, but recently we have been excited to have so many amenities downtown. We are able to have a night out in Auburn and enjoy amazing food, drinks and events.

For years I have seen Sarah’s photo at ribbon cuttings, community meetings, downtown improvement events and volunteering her time for our community. She is always positive, engaging, approachable and goal driven. When I heard Sarah was running for mayor, I knew she was the person for the job and I was inspired to volunteer my time by joining her campaign.

As a campaign volunteer I have had the opportunity to see how much Sarah truly cares about the community and all its members.  Walking door to door has given me the opportunity to witness first hand Sarah’s leadership, morals, character, as well as her interest in how to make the city better for every person.  I have had the unique opportunity to see how Sarah inspires others to action, how she listens to every voice at the table and how her leadership style focuses on each of our unique strengths and brings out the best in each of us. There is no doubt in my mind that Sarah’s gift is leadership.

Sarah’s past experience makes her the perfect person for leading teams, grant writing, critical thinking, and developing creative ways to address the issues that impact the citizens of Auburn. Sarah’s passionate knowledge of sewers, sidewalks, streets and round-a-bouts has been something we have all teased her about.

It is with great pride that my family and I will be casting our vote for Sarah Payne to lead our city into the future!

Jennifer Hathaway


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