To the editor:

A couple of weeks ago I spent a few days in Auburn. It is a pretty town surrounded by beautiful countryside. But just under this beautiful setting I ran into something not so pretty.

I was in a downtown shop and because of the layout of the place, the person working at the front counter was not aware that I was just around the corner. He was engaged in a conversation in the shop with someone that went along the lines of ... the bad things we are taught that happened to Blacks, Jews and American Indians are part of some long-term historical conspiracy. Never happened, he said. Slavery, Holocaust, Trail of Tears — nope, nope, nope. This is just a justification for keeping the white man down through guilt.

The real victims throughout history had been the white man. Everyone else had been keeping us down. (Oh, yeah, in case I forget to mention it, I am one of the "oppressed" white men he was talking about). It was time that all those that were keeping "us" down got what was coming to them. There was much more along the same lines, but I think your readers get it.

Mentioned this to a few people in town and that's when I learned that pretty little Auburn has an ugly just-under-the-surface thing going on that doesn't quite fit with its manicured tree-canopied lawns, its wonderful architecture and its seemingly welcoming mid-western wholesomeness.

As of less than two years ago, it was reported to be a base of the Confederate White Knights of the KKK! It seems the beliefs held by that organization are alive and well.

I admit I hesitated to write this letter as I am sure it will not be received well in some quarters, but nothing truer was ever written than "All it takes for evil to flourish is for the rest of us to do nothing."

Len Bulmer

Aurora. Ontario, Canada

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I am ashamed and embarrassed ..... APPALLED that ANYONE overhear this conversation let alone an out of town visitor. There are so many levels... one... the fact that all of history is a conspiracy is just ridiculous. There are countless primary artifacts that reinforce history. All of history cannot possibly be put at a level of the Elvis death hoax, or man on the moon controversy. Second of all, when I moved here and heard the history of the KKK I was shocked. Sadly, there is still prejudice left in every community, but I assure you, Len Bulmer, this is not the majority or even a small minority of this great town. Thirdly, as an educator in this community I am proud to say we are raising responsible students that don't look at people by the color of their skin, their religion or who they love. They are tolerant and don't even see these things as issues/differences. I don't even like the word tolerant. It still has a negative connotation. How about all-inclusively? Finally, I wish Mr. Bulmer would have shared where he heard this OR contacted the owner to address the employee directly rather than put a label on a whole town. How is this any different than the ignorant employee?

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