To the Editor:

The Inside 2022 Legislative Update lists four “accomplishments” of the session that must be truthfully addressed.

1) Putting taxpayers first: The GOP supermajority refuses to pause the gas tax, allowing two increases at a time when oil companies are price-gouging us. Our wages are lower than national averages yet our housing costs soar. We’re losing workers and the poor are worse off due to overcollecting personal taxes and not providing services.

2) “Protecting” girls’ sports is an attempt at punishing anyone who doesn’t fit a binary view of gender. Shame on the GOP for adding to the pain of someone dealing with gender dysphoria. May they all be held personally responsible for any mental/physical harm that comes to a child due to this hateful legislation they’re so proud of.

3) Increasing election security is based on the big lie. The secretary of state and Board of Elections certified there hasn’t been election fraud in our state. I’ve been watching the Jan. 6 hearings and learning along with America what caused the Capitol attack. Donald Trump and all who still believe his “stolen election” lie, including many in the Indiana GOP, are responsible for this deadly attempt at a coup.

4) Empowering Hoosier parents is based on a conspiracy theory about a law school course invented and spread by Republicans. This disinformation campaign pits parents against teachers, board members, other parents and even children, bans books, incites violence. Is it any wonder we’re losing teachers?

Linda Mills

Fort Wayne

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