New online poll is about QAnon

Our new poll at asks:

How many people do you know personally who are followers of QAnon?

So far, nearly two-thirds of the people who have answered have selected as their response, “No one.”

The responses, so far, are “Myself,” 1.4%; “One or more,” 17.4%; “No one,” 65.2%; and “Not sure,” 15.9%.

QAnon, according to reports, now has followers that number in the millions, worldwide.

In brief, QAnon is based on beliefs such as the claim that President Trump is waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshiping pedophiles in government, business and the media.

QAnon believers anticipate a day of reckoning when prominent people such as former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be arrested and executed.

True believers contend deliberate misinformation is sown into Q’s messages — making the conspiracy theories impossible to disprove, in their minds.

Some of the people who were arrested following the Jan. 6 invasion of the Capitol say their belief in QAnon caused them to do what they did and they are using that as a defense.

To respond to the poll — the current poll or past polls — go to

Prior to the QAnon poll, we asked:

What change during COVID would you like, personally, to continue?

The responses have been:

Nothing! — 48.4%

Working remotely from home — 14.9%

Connecting more often via Zoom, phone calls, etc. — 5.3%

Wearing a mask in crowded situations — 26.7%

Other — 4.6%

Online polls are not scientific but they give an interesting “snapshot” of public opinion.

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