Waiting to build jail is the right decision

To the editor:

Today I read the letter to the editor from Floyd Fowler and while I respect his opinion, I have to say I believe the decision to put off jail construction was most likely the right one.

In the big picture that many don’t often see, Commissioners Hartman and Sanderson expressed their belief that construction cost will come down eventually. Fact is,due to the COVID disruption supply chains of all sorts have been disrupted extensively.bConstruction materials have gone through the roof as well as many other things.bWhen was the last time you could count on buying a couch,bbed or an appliance and could be sure you could get it right away? I believe it’s a solid bet that construction cost will come down as the supply chains catch up to the pent up rising demands of the nation.

As far as reliable sources such as construction companies, architects and accounting firms saying the time is now. I can’t think of a more self-serving group than the ones that stand to profit now if we build now so in my opinion they are the last people I would rely on to build now because they say so.

I should also say I do believe Commissioner Watson is sincere in his belief that we should build now. I just think he’s wrong. These are not normal times and any other time I do believe he would be right.

I wish to close this letter by commending all the Commissioners for their hard work on this matter. I especially want to thank Commissioners Sanderson and Hartman for having the big picture vision and great business sense to see what many don’t. I wish more public servants acted on the behalf of the taxpayer as they do. Thank you!

David Williams


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