More must be done to help victims of opioids

To the editor:

This article should be self explanatory why I wrote and sent it to Representative Smaltz and Senator Kruse!

I was flabbergasted when I was told that the Indiana General Assembly meets only once a year that is in January so that means that no more laws will be made now in Indiana until 2020 regardless of the emergency nature of this issue!

This needs to be sent to everyone’s lawmakers in Indiana and force them to come back and address this issue before more Hoosiers die.

This went to both Representative Smaltz and Senator Kruse:

In the last conversation that I just had with Representative Smaltz’s aide, he told me that Indiana lawmakers meet only once a year and that is it. I was flabbergasted! This article that I am sending you should be taken into consideration for emergency reasons. People are dying. Period! Isn’t that enough?! pyu73DtZXQKFS-Y24N JNEnpP0

Paul Maziarz


To assist readers in finding the article, the headline of the article at The American Council on Science and Health website — — is:

‘Opioid Cutoff’ Article Tells Us How Badly Pain Patients Were Harmed. Too Bad Kolodny Was Included.

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