To the editor:

Do we ever reach a point when enough is enough? I have become a YouTube junkie. I listen to politicians and news reports and after I’ve heard them I wonder what they just said. They can use so many words just to answer simple questions. Never really saying anything at all. So, who do we trust to tell the truth? I have to believe that there are several honest people.

But, one of the worst videos I have watched is the one where a white woman waving a Confederate flag in a protest stated that: “I will teach my grandchildren to hate you.”

There is another video though that shows the way it should be. Two 4-year-olds are convinced they are twins. One is black and one is white. When another child told them they couldn’t be twins because they were of different colors, one replied: “We are twins because we share the same soul.”

I do believe that Black Lives Matter. But more than that I believe that the lives and futures of our children matter most. They aren’t born hating. They learn from us.

So how in the world do we educate the ignorant.

Barbara Case


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