To the editor:

The article on ILEARN I find being typical of most politicians of today by making excuses before findings of scores were published since they are afraid the tax dollars going to these schools may be affected.

Do you think the teachers aren't putting forth the effort to properly teaching these kids to learn? Are they wanting to make these tests easier for all to pass? It’s getting to be like a trophy for all mentality. Are any students kept back due to failing or are excuses made and passed on to the next grade because they tried hard?

The article said our principal and teachers are working hard to ensure students are safe, cared for and learning at optimal levels. Are they now a day care center? Teach the kids and be sure they know the subjects they are learning, do it in the schools and quit expecting them to learn on their own due to piling on the homework day in and day out.

Wanting to keep building bigger and better schools doesn't seem to be the answer in making the students smarter, it just cost the taxpayer more money. You wanted to be a teacher so do the job, if the student doesn't want to learn, that will be up to them and their parents to deal with, just don't keep making things easier so everyone passes, what good will that do to individuals in the future?

David LaMotte


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