To the editor:

We are proud to support Heather Krebs for re-election to the DeKalb Central school board.

We’ve known Heather and her family for many years. We know her to be an individual of strong character and high integrity. We’ve appreciated her contributions to our community through her school board service. Her commitment and focus on the best interests of the students of DeKalb Central are evident to us.

We’ve had several occasions to talk to Heather about school board matters, especially over the past couple years. She has always been accessible and available to us for discussion, open to our input, and responsive to our questions in a professional manner.

Heather’s professional experience is a strong asset. One clear example was in her cost comparisons made in 2019, to assess bids for the J. R. Watson building improvements. Heather was able to directly apply her experience as a facilities engineer, with knowledge of design and construction costs. She made meaningful comparisons to determine that the costs were well-aligned with those for other similar projects in the greater Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana area. This added important, relevant data to the board discussions, and inspired confidence in the outcome.

Heather has taken great initiative in her self-development and continuing education, to grow her effectiveness as a school board member. She has been successful in doing so. We feel that retaining her knowledge and experience as a board member is very important, at this time when we have two board members with less than two years of service, and another seat that will be filled by a new member.

For these reasons, we are convinced that re-electing Heather Krebs is what’s best for DeKalb Central. We will be voting for Heather Krebs for re-election to the DeKalb Central school board.

Mark and Kelly Beakas


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