To the editor:

Vote for an ethical future.

Will a vote for the Democrats help save democracy? Will a vote for Republicans help save the Republic? Will a vote for Libertarians help save liberty? Will a vote for the Green party help save our environment? Will a vote for Trumpism help to save anything — other than Trump himself?

We all need to ignore our traditional ties with particular parties and movements in this election and think critically about the individuals we put in office. Look for candidates with principles, good character, compassion, integrity and honesty when you make your choice. Will the candidate consider all information, input from experts, and research on issues, and then cast votes accordingly? Will they leave their principles and bow to pressure from partisan politics?

Dr. Jill Long, former representative from Indiana to the U.S. Congress, writes in her new book, "The Character of American Democracy," that our "nation is facing a serious ethical crisis."

"Our forefathers created this nation because they believed in the character of the American people. In the political turmoil of our time, we have lost our way — our moral compass." Dr. Long says that "Democracy is an ethical concept and the process by which we adopt policy is as important as the policy adopted."

She lists "6 important democratic principles: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship."

If we vote only for candidates who display these qualities, regardless of political party, I believe that we can save “Rome from burning.” If instead we make the mistake of voting to keep our present White House occupant Donald Trump, with his "magnificent men and their chaos machines," in the country's leadership, we vote only to save the lies, corruption, hubris, amorality and dictatorship of the Donald Trump brand.

Karen Farlow


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