The truth will set all Americans free

To the editor:

The presidential elections 2020 — planned. Started November 2016! Step by step — that there would never be a Republican holding office of President of the United States of America!

Read — Cortez (AOC) post! All who voted for — support — President Trump now and in future — that support President Trump and Republican — their lives will be destroyed!

Cortez a Socialist (extreme) that will control banks, financial institutions, destroy small business owners. Also media that believe in God — and the truth, honest — appreciate the freedoms we experience every day of our lives. Life, Liberty, Happiness, Family, Friends, Freedom of Religion.

Jason Whitlock — article he has on the Democrats of 2020. Listen, read — Sen. Chuck Schumer states! “Change, coming to (Democrat) America.” Declaring “claim” to presidency — now in control of America’s future (Full Control of America’s Future)! No future for small business owners. Democrat control of all banks and financial institutions.

Yes there will be some Republicans who want to control of Hardworking, tax paying Americans. Open borders — no limit for illegals entering across southern borders! Democrats — eliminating suburbs of towns and cities. Never in the History of America!

Democrats plan: Stack the Supreme Court, Medicare for all. Now year 2020, struggles to cover all those paying in to Medicare. Medicare for all would pay bills for illegals and those who never paid any money into Medicare of USA. Never happened in history. OK, yes — all — “Medicaid-Welfare.”

Obama-Biden 2008-2012 — never replaced any military equipment. The tanks, ships, aircraft, carriers, ammunition, guns.

Obama and Michele (read her post) consider hard-working Americans “Losers, deplorables.” Definitely below them — small, unimportant to their level.

Realize, you probably will not agree. The Star is a Democratic-run news. The Truth will set all Americans free. (Truth).

“God Bless America.” Protect “Freedom of Religion.”

Marilyn Carr


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