To the editor:

I'm writing today in hopes that everyone that feeds the white geese along Sherman Street and Lake Avenue in Kendallville will see and read this.

Today I was talking to my son in my kitchen and as he was looking out the window a car came upon the group of white geese and ran over one of them. We had just moved them out of the road 10 minutes before this happened. The goose was hit so hard that what I believe was its heart was laying approximately 5 feet from it and there was blood and other parts everywhere.

Thankfully, most people slow down when they see them in the road but not this guy, he didn't care one bit and the result was tragic. I suppose it could have been a lot worse though since there are about 17 total in this group.

These geese come from Bixler Lake every winter when the lake freezes over because there is always an opening in the creek along Lake Ave. I have no idea how many people are feeding these geese during other seasons but I would imagine that it is quite a few and some of these people continue to feed them during the winter season. The problem with this is that it snows, people don't want to walk through the snow to feed them by the creek so they toss whatever they are feeding them beside the road, a few feet off the road, and yes, believe it or not, right in the middle of the road. Myself, my son, and multiple neighbors are outside trying to shoo them back to the creek multiple times each day and each day we know the same thing will happen again tomorrow. They associate your food with cars as well because of these feedings and don't seem to fear them like they should.

I can also tell you that wherever that food is tossed they will keep returning back to that spot. A few days ago someone even tossed corn out at one of the intersections of Lake Avenue and they literally sat in the middle of the road and kept coming back to the same spot all day. There is a lot of traffic on Lake Avenue and the traffic on Sherman Street is horrible with many going well past the speed limit posted.

These geese are not safe anywhere near either one of these streets. Please stop feeding them there. You might think you are helping them out with food but you are also putting them in harms way every time you do that. You feed them and walk away and leave us to worry about them getting killed and we want them safe. We do not want to see any more of them die.

If you must feed them, how about putting a snow shovel in your car and you can shovel a path to the creek on city property. That would keep them a ways away from the road and keep them in a safer place. I'd also like to see the city consider something that would help these geese out as well. I have no idea what it would be, and I don't seem to have much luck with suggestions, but something needs to be done, especially after what I saw happen today.

Deborah Snyder


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