To the editor:

Sarah Payne is one of the first friends I made when I moved to northeast Indiana in 2012. I had left the comforts of Oklahoma to be near my parents in Fort Wayne as my mother battled breast cancer. I met Sarah through the Junior League of Fort Wayne as we worked on the League's annual fundraiser. Sarah was the chair of our committee and I was instantly impressed with her charisma, work ethic and the way she welcomed me into the already established group of volunteers. I appreciated how well she worked with everyone, including difficult people.

Sarah had recently lost her mother, and she was empathetic to what my family was experiencing. She was kind and understanding, and she was hopeful for my mother.

Sarah is the kind of cheerleader you want when things get hard. In the midst of all her responsibility, she was available. She was an invaluable leader for the Junior League organization, and as our friendship grew, I saw the servant leadership style is just her style in every role she's had.

Although my home and business are in Fort Wayne, Sarah has always promoted Auburn to me. Sarah and her husband, Mike, have always welcomed me into their city. From festivals to fundraisers, they are excited to have their friends experience Auburn. Seeing Auburn through Sarah's eyes is an incredible glimpse into the people, the heritage, and the future of her beloved town. I hope one day I'm a proud resident of Auburn.

It came as no surprise to me when Sarah announced her candidacy for mayor. She has been at work for Auburn for years. Her devotion is authentic and now she's taking her commitment to the next level. She's innovative, intelligent, and completely invested. Sarah wants the absolute best for Auburn. She wants every person in Auburn to feel included and a part of their city. Her ideas and initiatives to create opportunities for the Auburn community are impressive and obtainable. Just look at her resume to see that she's all in for Auburn.

Sarah is available. I encourage everyone to attend her town hall type events, Candid Conversations with the Candidate, as well as tune-in to Sundays with Sarah on Facebook each weekend. They are incredible opportunities to hear from Sarah, as well as ask questions. I think you'll see that Sarah is for Auburn, and as mayor, she will build upon the foundation and legacy of Auburn.

Kristin Packnett

Fort Wayne

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