To the editor:

Brian E. Jones doesn't understand why the President of the U.S. is responsible for the safety of all Americans from attacks both domestic and foreign. Brian E. Jones is also unable to see the conduct of Trump, Rand Paul and Erdogan thugs are identical. The U.S. China travel was not shut down according to the airlines until April. 40,000 passengers came into the U.S. from Asian countries in the period between Jan. 31st and April. The European ban was late as well. Trump's negligence caused American deaths and great monetary loss without question.

We also know Trump hid the dangers about COVID-19 for months calling it a hoax while it spread. Trump said he didn't want to cause a panic. Yet he screams his head off warning us about voter fraud, caravans of brown people, black home buyers, kneeling football players and low power shower heads etc. He is unfit to lead and is a pathological liar.

The 17year-old was running down the street because he just murdered someone over a used car. Not on my dumbest day would I ever take an AR-15 or any gun to a protest. Exercising your rights comes with responsibilities and one would hope common sense.

Our law enforcement deserves to be respected and not be threatened or stressed over anyone having a gun at a protest. Just think how bad of a situation this is for law enforcement. If you believe Blue/Black Lives Matter leave your guns, clubs, rocks, explosives and bear spray at home and bring your voice. Maybe if Trump didn't comment during his campaign that police officers should stop being so nice to suspected criminals and there are good people on both sides of a white supremacist rally, we might have peace in this country.

Most damning the man appointed by Trump, former Director of the DNI and Republican Senator from Ind. Dan Coats is quoted as believing Putin has compromised Trump and Trump is being blackmailed.

Trump's new Director of the DNI is withholding taxpayer funded intelligence reports from Congress which would shed some light on this matter. The DOJ is using our tax dollars to defend Trump in a defamation civil case in court from a private citizen who claims Trump raped her in 1996 according to court documents. All to stop her rights to any evidence via discovery.

DHS just issued a report that states Right Wing White Supremacist groups and Russian election interference present the most grave dangers to the United States. No mention of Antifa in the report. Trump tried to hide this report as well. Robert Justus and Steven Carrillo have been charged with the murder of Dave Patrick Underwood DHS and Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller. "They came to Oakland to kill cops," said FBI agent John Bennet, they wanted BLM protesters to get blamed. Both were Right Wing Trump Thugs. The DHS report also warned these groups will try and portray all peaceful protesters as anarchist and rioters to spread misinformation, division and chaos in America.

Michael P. Gillespie


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