To the editor:

Saturday morning, June 7, I awoke to read the newspaper. One of the stories was on the DeKalb Animal Shelter. Plans were to announce soon the new shelter location. I was glad to hear this was finally happening. This was very much needed.

I had an appointment that morning at Animal Care Clinic for my dog and cat. As I pulled up to the clinic, I saw the van from the shelter parked in the lot. Upon entering the waiting area, I saw Kelly Collins Ross, director of DeKalb Humane Society. She was with a dog that had been abandoned in a cage close to the Auburn Police Station. This dog was skin and bones. It had such bad skin damage from fleas, possibly mange, and had open, weeping sores. Her eyes were very dark around them, due to the dripping coming from them. Her teeth were worn done from gnawing on something. Probably to escape the life she was forced to live.

This dog was so kind to everyone and every animal in that waiting room. Through the pain she must have been going through, she wagged her tail and was friendly.

Kelly and this dog then were taken to one of the clinic rooms to be evaluated. Shortly Kelly come out of the room in tears. The dog was too far gone to be saved and was to be put down. The remaining group in the waiting room was reduced to tears.

That experience gave me a whole new perspective on the need not only for a new improved shelter. But also for better laws to prosecute the type of people that did this to this poor dog. It probably never had a good day in its life. But right up to the time it was put to death, it still expressed that it was a loving dog. I cannot imagine what type of coward would do this to an animal and sneak into a holding pen at night, just to dump her off.

People like Kelly and the staff at the shelter, I am sure deal with these stories daily. I thank them for all they do. I hope that others will support the shelter as I will be doing and push our legislatures to strengthen our laws to deter this type of treatment of animals.

Craig Bassett


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