To the editor:

I, for one, am getting more than a little weary of so many Republicans whining about the Democrats not supporting President Trump in his various hair-brained proposals to the Congress. Am I the only one who can remember the last administration when the Republicans decided that their single purpose in Washington was to block absolutely everything that President Obama attempted to accomplish regardless of its merit?

In a recent letter to the editor of the Journal Gazette, the author stated that Trump is our president and should be supported. Where was that attitude among those same Republicans when Barack Obama was president? The Republican Congress even went so far to block his nomination of Merrick Garland to a vacancy on the Supreme Court, a duty specified by the United States Constitution. The Republicans’ disregard of our Constitution did not end there. It has continued since the last presidential election under the leadership of Donald Trump.

With his irrational accusations of “Fake News!” toward any and everything reported that he does not like, Trump has clearly expressed his hatred for free speech and inquiry guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution, something he has sworn to uphold and protect. Obviously, he has forgotten that promise along with many others he made to the American people. Recently, at the Social Media Summit, he declared that writing “bad” about something “good” was not free speech; rather, it was “dangerous speech.” Are we to follow him back to the Sedition Act of 1798 where any and everything written in criticism of the government was considered sedition and therefore illegal? It was the death of free speech. And who would decide what was “good” or “bad’? Why, Trump, of course.

And think with me if you will: What would the Republicans, press, and many Democrats have done if Bill Clinton had had affairs with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, the second lasting months from 2006-2007? Or if Barack Obama had done the same? Instead, today’s Republicans conveniently overlook these indiscretions, which Trump’s Religious Right supporters should regard as sins — not only sins, but violations of Commandment Seven of the Ten Commandments, a covenant between God and his people.

Trump’s disregard for human dignity and decency is abhorrent. The separation of children from their parents, locking them in cages where their basic needs often go unmet and then falsely claiming that they are being cared for and humanely treated is beneath contempt. Even murderers in federal prisons have an actual bed with a blanket and three meals a day and bathroom and shower facilities. Even though these children might be regarded as “criminal” for seeking asylum with their families by fleeing to the “land of the free,” they can in no way be thought of as the equivalent of murderers. To not cooperate or respect Trump, who would do such things, is not disrespectful; it is warranted.

And most recently, his tweet at the four progressive non-Caucasian Congress people, essentially telling them to go back where they came from, is inexcusable. For one thing, three of the four would be returning to Detroit, Cincinnati, and New York. These four individuals are all United States citizens and were duly elected to the House of Representatives by a majority of the popular vote, something Trump can’t precisely claim. For these and other reasons too numerous to mention, Trump does not deserve or warrant our support, respect, or admiration. He is an insult to the office of the presidency and an embarrassment to the international community. And, as Goldie Taylor said in her opinion essay in Monday’s “Daily Beast” online, “Trump is a racist. And if you still support him, so are you.”

John Stevens


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