To the editor:

The NBA completed their season during a worldwide pandemic with completely different results than the rest of us. They didn't have a single positive case inside the perimeter they created and 0 deaths.

The U.S. has over 8 million positive cases and over 220,000 deaths with 100% loss of GDP. The NBA followed protocols and banded together for a common cause while we watch armed individuals storm the Michigan State Capitol because the Michigan governor was trying to take the same actions to save lives.

Michigan over 7,000 dead — the NBA none. But that didn't stop them from plotting to kidnap the Michigan governor and/or kill her. Every past president would have immediately denounced this. Trump called on his MAGA army to liberate Michigan. Trump demanded tens of years for defacing statues of U.S. traitors, but praises and encourages domestic terrorists, as identified by the FBI.

You can draw your own conclusion, however I'm sure there will be someone who thinks death and domestic terrorism is better than the alternative because ...

Trump didn't created a perimeter around the U.S. Instead of backing our governors he attacked them while his son-in-law Jared told them to get their own life saving supplies, the supplies Jared has are the federal government's, not the states'.

Indiana State House members have taken issue with some of our governor's actions. Both are long time office holders in Indiana. What is the state plan in case of a pandemic and what is the state plan to protect employees as defined by IOSHA? The COVID-19 positive rate is at its highest levels yet.

In Indiana it is illegal to smoke near the entrance of most buildings. However a person who has COVID-19 can stand there all day and even go inside. Does the Indiana Chamber of Commerce have a monetary analysis or opinion that will leave Indiana workers without recourse for their monetary losses and the right to have a safe workplace. I don't trust Trumps' CDC or the FDA.

Trump is an obvious threat to our national security. He has defended and praised Putin while attacking our allies. Since 911 our NATO allies have sent their sons and daughters to defend the U.S. and they all don't return home. Trump the draft dodger puts value on his life but not theirs or yours. We can't depend on the current Republicans to hold him accountable, they are too busy lining their pockets and any oath of office they take is superseded by their oath to the Republican Party or their political contributors. Our adversaries love Trump because they know he is just plain dumb and corrupt. Russia and the Taliban both have come out in support of Trump.

It's time for the adults to restore law and order so Trump's un-elected and unqualified for national security clearance family and Putin can see what civilized law and order look like.

In memory of the late great senator, POW survivor, national war hero and Republican nominee for president, John McCain, I will vote for his trusted family friend, Joe Biden, who is supported by Sen. McCain's wife as well.

Michael P. Gillespie


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