To the editor:

I’ve already voted for Chip Coldiron for 3rd District Congressman. He is a teacher and veteran; he accepts no campaign funds from corporate interests and lobbyists. Dozens of volunteers addressed, sealed and stamped tens of thousands of mailings on his behalf, determined to make government better.

Our current Congressman, Jim Banks, only carries water for Donald J. Trump. He’s a peculiar president, having anointed himself World’s Smartest Person, Strongest Man, Best Tycoon, Least Contagious Viral Vector, Most Insightful Doctor, Meanest Posse Sheriff, and the only human alive who can solve America’s problems. In reality, Trump is only this: America’s Biggest Imposter.

Meanwhile, GOP lawmakers at every level, including and especially Jim Banks, silently nod to this silliness. Fearing Trump’s wrath, they all knuckle under, permitting him to rule without dissent. Now we have a new, de facto Party of Trump without platform. The result: a widening swamp of incompetent administration, cronyism, public corruption, class privilege, self-dealing, and angry, divisive splutter.

This is no time for timid followers. Remove Banks on Nov. 3.

It’s past time to bring back an effective Democratic majority. Chip Coldiron will work toward returning Social Security and Medicare to a sound financial footing and assuring accessible health care to all without bankruptcy. He’s committed to job creation by rebuilding national infrastructure and developing clean, sustainable energy sources. Coldiron understands the vital importance of scientific fact in protecting the natural world. Vote for Chip Coldiron for intelligent, ethical governance.

Jim Nixon


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