To the editor:

This really is not just another political letter; I am Mike Ley’s cousin and can truly attest to Mike’s character and values. Mike has served in many capacities for Auburn and DeKalb County. He’s a local boy from a long-standing family in the area. He is a Christian man and believes in doing unto others as you’d have them do unto you, a principle most people forget to follow today.

Mike is a very personable, even-tempered man and knows how to communicate with anyone, regardless of their opinions. But more importantly, he is willing to stand up for doing the right thing, what is best for the majority. Being our mayor isn’t just a job of organizing or even simple leadership. Being a mayor today means wearing many hats and having the knowledge to keep them all balanced at the same time. Our mayor needs expertise in more areas than most regular citizens possess. Mike meets just that criteria! Being mayor means looking out for the best interests of our city — every man, woman and child who lives in Auburn and those who will live here in the future. It means understanding about all the departments and divisions in our city. But more importantly being able to work with all those people, possessing the maturity to make decisions that are in the best interest of our city today but 50 years from now. It means knowing and planning for our children’s children and all future generations of Auburn. Sometimes, those decisions aren’t met with the favor of the whole community and our mayor needs to be able to address the citizens with knowledge and respect. Mike can do just that.

Personally I want our mayor to know and understand every aspect of our city government and the city’s needs. Mike brings that to the job and more! He has the vision and common-sense knowledge to take our city into the future.

You may think I’m writing this letter just because Mike and I are related. I’m writing this because with every fiber of my being I know that Mike will give the job of Auburn’s mayor 110%! That’s his philosophy to all he does. He’ll listen to our citizens, and take the well-being of all its citizens into consideration. This is so much more important that just about being a Republican or a Democrat, this is about our town’s future!

Please take a few minutes out of your day to vote on Nov. 5. Check beforehand to see if your voting site has changed. But please vote for Mike Ley, he is truly the most qualified candidate Auburn has had in a long time.

Kathy Mettert


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