Tragedy at the Capitol could have been avoided

To the editor:

The tragedy at the Capitol could have been avoided if Trump was a leader, not a whiner.

A recent letter attempts to place blame on Speaker Pelosi for the Jan. 6 attack on our democracy by Trump and his army of the misguided and misinformed. The writer repeats the false claim that Speaker Pelosi rejected a security request. The fact is Steven Sund’s testimony to Congress was that he talked to both House/Senate sergeant of arms and did not receive approval for national guard assistance from the CPB in a phone call to the commanding officer of the D.C. national guard. The national guard that was deployed was only to handle the traffic on Jan.6. There was no testimony given that Speaker Pelosi was ever contacted by Irving ... Stenger ... or Sund concerning troop deployment prior to Jan. 6th. Read his written testimony. The D.C. national guard is under the command of the Pentagon/DOD and the president has authority over them.

Another fact is Trump replaced Pentagon/DOD officials after he lost the election prior to the Jan. 6 disgrace. Was felon Michael Flynn’s Pentagon brother involved in the delay to send troops after minority leader Kevin McCarthy begged Trump to call off the attack? We could find out the entire truth — however the same Trumplican lawmakers who attributed to multiple acts of treason now want to block a bipartisan investigation to cover up their crimes. Remember these same (people) stormed a bipartisan impeachment hearing on Oct. 23, 2019, delaying testimony for over five hours. Instead they want to equate social justice reform protests with a domestic terrorist attack on our country.

The Trumplicans now seek to minimize the event. “Some were foolish; they went on in” was this writer’s quote. No, the Trumplicans took down the American flag, replaced it with theirs, bear-sprayed/beat/stomped and punched their way in, injuring over 150 police officers, then ... (marked) their territory.

Once inside they began looking for this country’s leadership to kill them, leaving Trump the only one left. They believed Trump would declare martial law ... take over the banks and begin holding military style trials to remove any opposition. Read their tweets.

The comment that bothered me the most was the disgraceful accusation Democrats support full term abortion. How dumb ... does that mean all Trumplicans then support teenagers carrying their father’s baby?

HR 1 does not allow non U.S. citizens to vote, nor does it allow 16-year-olds to vote — just another parroted falsehood. HR1 would allow a 16-year-old to register to vote, then when they turned 18 they can vote. Yes, you still would need an ID to vote, however if you didn’t have one you could still vote after signing a declaration under penalty of perjury you are who you say you are. Also if a felon has paid their debt to society, then they should be eligible to vote and obtain a job. Removing them from society is only going to lead them to a life of crime. Remember Trump is moving closer to becoming one himself every day.

President Biden’s first quarter GDP growth was 6.5%, as compared to Trump’s first term average GDP growth of 000.95%. Trump let over 550,000 Americans die due to negligence. Under President Biden 130,000,000 Americans have been vaccinated. Trump engaged in child abuse, President Biden is healing those wounds. Trump ripped off America for his and his crooked associates’ personal gain, President Biden is rebuilding America by supporting those who sweat for a living every day to break even at the end of the week. If results matter, then the choice is clear.

Michael Gillespie


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