JAM Center a true friend to the greater Garrett community

To the editor:

“When times get tough, you find out who your true friends are.”

During this unprecedented year, the JAM Center has been a true friend to the people of the greater Garrett community. Here are a few highlights:

• JAM navigated rigorous regulations and kept its early education program open so essential workers could work and care for us all.

• JAM leaders offered fitness classes online and outside to keep exercisers healthy and connected.

• JAM staff was there for teens — offering activities and frequent, safe online check-ins. Teens reported that JAM check-ins were the highlight of their week!

• Many senior citizens, like me, have returned to JAM to walk, swim and socialize, saying, “It’s so great to be back with my JAM family.”

Would you be surprised to learn that JAM receives no money from taxes? It’s true. By offering community members the kinds of programs and services they value, JAM earns its operating money each year from memberships, program fees, rental income, grants and contributions.

Over the next few months, JAM’s board will vigorously ask the community to support its 2020-21 operations. While community centers always need to raise operating money, it’s especially important this year because JAM lost two critical months of memberships, program revenue and rentals during the required COVID-19 shutdown.

When you are asked, please give generously to benefit JAM — your true community friend.

Sharon Smith

JAM Board of Directors

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