To the editor:

I sit here trying to decide how to explain my feelings at this moment. Disappointed, sad, angry ... maybe all of these.

I have lived in my home in Albion for 22 years and decorated for Halloween and Christmas every year. Never in all that time, have I had anything stolen or destroyed. Quite the opposite.

Halloween is a big event at my home and it’s nothing to have 400 kids (all ages) come through the line. Five families are involved in this event at my home.

Last year my daughter gave me two skeletons carrying a coffin between them. This morning the skeletons and their stands are gone. I have no idea whether it was kids (someone I’ve given treats to in the past?) or adults who took them. I just know I’m so disappointed.

Yes they were expensive, but that means nothing compared to what they meant to us as a family. I can’t believe someone would stoop so low as to take Halloween decorations. I hope I wake up tomorrow and find them in my yard. Happy Halloween.

Bonnie Brownell


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