To the editor:

Do you remember the old saying “I’m sick and tired of” whatever you’re sick and tired of? I remember my mom and dad using that term when referring to me in my younger days. “Gene, I’m sick and tired of that smart mouth of yours” followed by many swats of the paddle. Come to think of it, it is no wonder that I’m uncomfortable sitting very long on a hard-bottomed chair. Not much cushion left on my behind!

Today there are many things to be sick and tired of, but I don’t often hear the term used anymore. Maybe it’s because many have become resigned to their fate. Maybe it”s because many think that it will do no good to express what they are sick and tired of. But I will express a few things because I know that there are many who feel as I do.

First of all I am sick and tired of the radicals, BLM, Antifa, those destroyers who have no idea what they are talking about or no idea what they stand for, calling me what I’m not. Telling me what I think. Telling me what to think. Trying to shame me by putting spots on TV telling me how good they are and how bad I am. I know who I am and what I am. I’m not an idol. I have eyes to see and ears to hear. As a Christian I am to confront evil and wrongs. I have an obligation to stand up for truth. I will do that to the best of my ability. That’s me. Except I should learn to be more gentle.

I’m sick and tired of the reporting on COVID 19. (This is another area where someone might be telling me what I think. That I don’t care or that I’m not worried.) No further information about any of the new patients? Why? As for deaths, how many have been because of COVID and not from COVID? Some say, “follow the science,” but which version of science do you want to follow? Even science can’t make up its mind. For masks, against masks, for masks. The WHO admitted that it was a mistake to shut down the country. Are we mixed up? (And for the climate change people: don’t forget that the plexiglass dividers that are supposed to protect us are petroleum based. Fossil fuel.)

And there’s this: I’m sick and tired of the hatred for President Trump. Just anything to stir the pot. Taxes for the third or fourth time. Handling the pandemic. How could he have handled it any different? He followed science and made a decision. No one states what they would have done differently. His stand on climate change. (Science can’t agree on that, either.) His recovery from COVID 19. (The press and Democrats should be ashamed of themselves.) Blamed for causing dissension in the country. “Hatred stirs up dissension.” So, it’s actually the people causing the problem.

Hatred for Donald Trump dominates many lives. Even through almost four years of constant bashing, lies, and false accusations he is still fighting for us and our country. He doesn’t fight nice, and that upsets many, but he fights for the American people, every one of them.

Maybe he takes the words of Abraham Lincoln to heart: “When a man hears himself misrepresented, it provokes him … But when the misrepresentation becomes very gross and palpable, it is more apt to amuse him.”

I think that I will take that to heart myself and listen to encouragers and forget about being sick and tired.

Gene Link


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