To the editor,

Why is leadership so important right now?

A lot of us ask ourselves “will it make a difference?”

Will my vote matter? Will new leadership in place actually take us to the next level as a community, as a city, as a region?

With all the hoopla and issues in society today, can one person really make a difference?

For the city of Auburn, the answer is yes. Yes, it can!

I am not from Auburn, I didn’t grow up in a neighboring city. I didn’t even come from the state of Indiana.

I came from the deep South. Where beignets and jambalaya are common options around dinner time. Where its hotter than hot, and people always wave.

I’ll admit that up here, things are a little different.

But what has kept me here is the spirit of Auburn. The people are friendly. They are passionate about what they do, who they are. And people are excited about the good things coming to Auburn.

I’m one of those people. I knew that there was no better place for me to raise my kids — than right here in Auburn, Indiana.

The downtown area is growing. You can see it in people’s eyes when they talk about all the changes happening.

Sure, maybe getting that parking spot is a little harder to find. But the energy is intoxicating. The city is destined for exponential growth.

Now is not the time to worry if my vote counts. Now is the time for action. To choose the person that we feel will give it their all and raise the city to new levels.

Her name is Sarah Payne. We believe in Sarah Payne.

With her leadership, we can keep our eyes fixated on the best that is yet to come.

We are the Nelson family, and we are all in for Sarah!

Dr. Chris Nelson


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