To the editor:

In response to the article dated 4 Jan 2020: Congressmen react to assassination of the Iranian General.

Nearly two thousand years of history frame the Iranian perspective. The Great Crusades, the Ottoman Empire, WWI, WWII and a US sponsored coup in 1953. For our elected officials, Twitter and Fox News junkies: after WWI, the Allies redrew the borders of the Ottoman Empire, separating tribal and religious cultures, insuring continued conflict in the Middle East. In 1953 the USA and the UK organized a coup in Iran. The millennia of foreign interventions in the Middle East are the current perspective of the Iranian State and their strategic objectives are decades beyond ours. If we default to a USA perspective of 17-years (Iraq War) or 41-years (US Embassy in Tehran) we will continue the failure to acknowledge our role in 1953 that lead us to where we are today. Translation = foreign interference in a State’s electoral process will have tragic consequences and those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Mr. Trump’s decision to withdraw from an Iranian nuclear deal that was painstakingly negotiated by the international community, set the stage of our Iranian affairs back to 1953.

Mr. Trump's escalation of his personal dispute with Iran by ordering an attack on the Iranian commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is not consistent with equitable actions that should have been made for a contractor’s death in Kirkuk, Iraq on 27 Dec 2019.

Was General Soleimani a bad guy? Yes. Should General Soleimani have been taken out earlier?

Yes, during the height of the Iraq war. With General Soleimani’s untimely death, Mr. Trump has foolishly united all Muslim factions against the US and targeted every senior US official and our entire nation, here and abroad. Mr. Trump is not capable of leading our nation out of this conflict. Mr. Trump presents a clear and present danger to our nation and his inability to discharge the powers and duties of his office need to be addressed immediately.

Sen. Braun’s remark that Mr. Trump was courageous is a tragic display of his ignorance of Iranian/US history and highlights his subservience to a bully who has never known the true meaning of courage. Mr. Trump is an ignorant coward, hiding behind a bully pulpit. He has never thrown or taken a punch in his “silver spooned” life. His “counter punches’ are adolescent rants. When challenged, he hides behind his lawyers to cash out his opposition with attorney fees or a non-disclosure settlement.

Sen. Young’s and Rep. Bank’s comments about “justice was delivered” and “a victory for the American people” are also ignorant of Iranian/US history. History will judge their comments.

Ken Holden


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