To the editor:

I must respond to Dennis Brink's letter to the editor. I am sorry I did not respond to his inquiry on my pro-life values. I do want to make it perfectly clear I do have pro-life values. The Bible states that life begins at conception. And there is nothing more sacred than a life.

I am also sorry that he is unhappy I did not respond to the survey. I do not fill most surveys out for fear of being bombarded by emails and the email list being sold off to others. I get way too many emails now. I get telemarketer phone calls and tell them I do not buy anything over the phone. I feel the same way about over aggressive emails.

I also do not think that the tally of letters to the editor is a big determination on who the best candidate is. I think that the voters of DeKalb County will evaluate the information and decide who has the hands on skills to be commissioner for the SE district. All my literature, fliers and ads have email and a phone number to reach me. and 260-925-6890.

I have received emails and phone calls dealing with the issues that are pertaining to the commissioners' responsibilities and responded to them.

While I am on the "soap box" I need to respond to others that have made the statement that "owning a full time business" would affect my ability to do the job required as commissioner. This is not true. I currently do what I need for my business, attend every Monday commissioners' meeting (all morning and sometimes until 4 p.m.), attend every Thursday Drainage Board meeting (2 to 4 hours per meeting), attend two City Council meetings a month, attend DeKalb County Re-Development Commission meetings as needed (three or four per year), have two board meetings a month for my church (one of them I am chairman/CFO), and attend DeKalb Camp /Gideons International monthly meetings.

I am a member and have attended several meetings for the Rural Opportunity Zone that is working to attract more business to the area with the help of new Indiana state law that lightens the tax burden for new businesses.

So if I am elected as the new SE commissioner I will have to resign as Auburn City Council member before the end of the year. If I can do it now, I can do it staring in 2021.

To close, I want to say that I have been told I am a good listener and a great get it done guy. Please vote — by mail, May 26 to June 1 early voting, or on Election Day, June 2.

God bless everyone.

Kevin M. Webb


Commissioner DeKalb SE district

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