To the editor:

Regarding your guest column Indiana’s Sen. Mike Braun offers his priorities for 2020 dated Jan. 10: I am extremely pleased to see Sen. Braun is proposing common sense initiatives for health care, “the swamp,” the environment and USMCA. I would like to add tort reform for medical malpractice to lower health care costs. I concur with Malinda Burns in her letter dated Jan. 5 on term limits for all of our elected officials.

However, Sen. Braun’s support for Mr. Trump on border security, which is biased towards White Nationalism, is extremely troubling.

Regarding the letter from Dr. Stephen White, I appreciated his respectful dissent from my comments previously published on Dec. 26 and Jan. 2. The door is always open to a respectful dialogue even though we currently agree to disagree.

Regarding Mr. Brian E. Jones, your characterizations of me are false, your commentary is not based upon facts and the door is closed on further responses to your fantasies.

Ken Holden


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