To the editor:

During the summer of 2015, I was fortunate to be able to visit Palestine and see many of the places most sacred to Christians.

I was also fortunate to be able to see many places sacred to Muslims.

One of the most impressive places we visited was the Tent of Nations, near Bethlehem, a farm where the owner, Daoud (David) Nassar, a Palestinian Christian, has olive groves and fruit trees and invites students from around the world to came and live there and help with his farm.

It is a wonderful and uplifting enterprise that promotes understanding and good will around the world.

This critically important endeavor has been under attack over the years by Israelis and some sectors of Israeli government. They have burned acres of trees, denied them water and electricity, and tried for years to take away the land these people have owned for generations.

It is morally wrong and must stop! Israelis want the land so they can build more illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. This is land that the United Nations and the American government for 50 years have supported as part of a future Palestinian state.

Please let your legislators know this is happening and ask them to speak up and insist that Israel stop harassing this man and his family. There is a sign at the edge of Daoud's farm that says "we are not enemies" and Daoud says he will not hate. We must support him.

Thank you.

Cathie Kreigh

Fort Wayne

Former Kendallville resident

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Robert Sparkman

It is sad to see that Palestinian Christians suffer. The same thing is true regarding Jewish Christians in Israel. They are often targets of vandalism from the more radical Jews who don't want them to evangelize.

Jerusalem Assembly in Jerusalem, led by Meno Kalisher, is one group that has experienced some of this.

I am not anti-Israel like the Black Lives Matter and other Neo-Marxists, and I fully acknowledge their right to defend themselves. I believe our nation should support Israel. But, some of the things Israel does are out of line, such as persecuting Palestinian Christians. I don't blame them for defending themselves against hostile Palestinians, though.

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