To the editor:

This is a slippery slope. It is becoming more clear that CV19 was birthed and released from a Virology lab in Communist China. Evidence is also coming to light via FOIA that our government funded this absurd, dangerous, experiment on some level via obscure bureaucratic channels or closely linked NGOs.

On the other hand, scant evidence has been produced that favor a natural link, and if it existed, the mainstream media would be broadcasting it far and wide to protect the present administration, CCP, CDC, NIH and their "new world order" friends at WHO.

Are the Communist Chinese being held accountable? What about our government’s role in the funding of these dangerous experiments? Have they earned our trust on vaccines given the lack of accountability for the initial outbreak of CV19? If authentic investigations were launched, evidence produced, and some measure of accountability assigned, vaccine or mask mandates might not be necessary.

Is this about preventing illness or control? Everyone who wishes to take the vaccine should be free to do so, but inviting an employer into the intimate circle with patient and physician a grave error. Many employees will likely be forced to provide medical records as a condition of employment. See how that works? First, they ask for access. Shortly thereafter, they are dictating — both to you and your doctor — what you need to inject into your body as a condition of employment. If you have worked as an essential employee throughout the pandemic, been exposed, and likely attained natural immunity as a result, it doesn’t matter. The essential employee "reward" is a loss of liberty, privacy or professional termination.

On size always fits all when it comes to large organizations that covet control in all matters. Governor Holcomb covets "emergency" executive powers in perpetuity, it seems. Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate is blatantly unconstitutional. What about the 10th amendment? Has the Indiana General Assembly taken any action on vaccine and mask mandates? Though I’ve written his office on several occasions, I still don’t know Representative Zent’s position. All but a precious few seem quiet as church mice as the federal and state executive branches reflexively expand their power and control.

The Indiana General Assembly has done an exemplary job of confirming their Republican-in-name-only (RINO) label. The freedom loving patriot volunteers at Hoosiers for Medical Liberty informed me recently that Curt Nisly might be the lone exception in that listless legislative body.

We’re in deep, deep trouble. Our elected officials are either operating outside the normal constitutional limits or seemingly absolving themselves of their duties as representatives. Are they holding anyone to account for the misery and suffering resulting from CV19, wide open borders, the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, and insane national debt? Does Congressman Banks support more "Red Flag" firearm restrictions at the federal level? If not, why did he vote in favor of more restrictions for veterans in the NDAA? Politicians and well-connected corporate executives will be happy to infringe on our civil/ individual liberties especially in cases where we willingly surrender them, and they’re becoming ever more brazen.

The good news is God fearing people I know are assembling and praying for a revival. We need God’s divine providence now more than ever. We need to trust Him. Until those prayers are answered, we’re left with political activism and elections. There should be no “advantage of incumbency” on this road to tyranny. Attend freedom rallies. Network with loved ones, neighbors and friends. We need our conservative leaders to step into the fray and primary these elected officials whose default position always seems to end in "We The People" surrendering something so precious and in limited supply for zero accountability in return.

Douglas Coolman


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