To the editor:

I am wondering about the wisdom of the East Noble School Board proceeding with Superintendent Linson's plan to establish a children's museum style preschool program.

Superintendent Linson expressed her disappointment in the fact that she had so few responses to her emails, had low meeting attendance and apparently not many surveys were returned.

Quoting from your editorial of Aug. 23, 2019: “Although Linson was disappointed with the number of families she was able to reach, she was heartened by the high support. If the reaction had been mixed 50/50, that would have caused more pause, she said. 'The sample of folks we talked to is small, but the folks we talked to were very supportive,' Linson said.” That positive support was “Of surveys that were returned, 41 out of 46 families were interested in the idea ...”

As envisioned by the Board, this new $750,000 program "would potentially take up to 144 children max.”

My questions are: No. 1 How many surveys did Ms. Linson send to parents? (Only 46 were returned.) No. 2 What if the rest of the surveys were not returned because those parents have no interest in such a program? No. 3 Would it be wise to proceed with this expenditure without knowing the answer to No. 2?

Though it sounds like an exciting program to be able to establish, perhaps we need more information in order to make an informed decision before committing to spending so much public money.

Linda Wingfield


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