To the editor:

All of us will err and for some the “warts” will become more apparent. We have a president with some of those warts. Many feel obligated to dwell on those warts but it would be fair to spend some time on the accomplishments of this vigorous person. As few have, he fulfilled his campaign promises. The wall was built decreasing illegal immigration. The Israeli embassy was moved to Jerusalem. He has presided over two resurging economies. The ventilator production was ramped up as was vaccine initiation. Taxes were lowered. NATO members were persuaded to increase their contributions. The Iran deal was terminated. Bureaucratic regulations were decreased. Soldiers were returned from the Middle East. Rhetoric with North Korea fell. Sunni countries of the Arab world are having diplomatic and other ties to Israel. Air pollution has decreased in the USA. Trade agreements were made with Mexico and Canada. He stood up to the China virus origination. He survived false Russian accusations and the subsequent show trial of impeachment. He has answered innumerable journalists’ questions and remained upbeat and positive. Perhaps he deserves your consideration.

C.B. Hathaway


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