Crew on Auburn water tower

A crew works atop one of Auburn’s water towers.

To the editor:

While working in the yard I heard a sound that pretty much resembled a blast from a X-Wing Fighter from a Star Wars movie. I heard it again and saw it was coming from cables that were running top to bottom on the big blue water tower that sits off Duesenberg Drive on Smith Acres.

Way at the top, were three men working, and one worker was lowering himself into a basket that was hanging on its side on the curved side of the tower. (Yaaaaaaa!)

It didn't take long to appreciate the skill and courage of these men who were working on a 137-foot water tower that holds 500,000 gallons of water (got the facts from Suzy at the Water Department) and very little to hold onto! I had to meet these guys!

Found out it was Erik Boelens' four man crew from Ray's Welding Company from Berrien Springs, Michigan, and this is what they do! Three up the tower, and one on the ground.

The fellows are welders that are repairing and tuning up the tower inside and out. (The water had been pumped out.) This had to be done before the new paint job takes place.

It was great to have met them, and it caused me to reflect how we all depend on each other day in and out as we go about our lives. I just happen to catch Erik's crew, and this was just a facet of the millions of people that are working for the good of all. We all have something to bring to the table that makes life better for the people around us. We will never know all the contributions made by our fellow citizens, but we sure benefit from each other on a daily basis.

Jim Turcovsky


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